Where do the photo shoots take place?

In your choice of location, wherever you dog is happiest. My work is always done on location, whether that’s your home, your garden, your local park or your dog’s favorite walk. If you do need any help thinking of a great location, I have a list of places where I love to shoot.

How long does a photo shoot last for?

Usually between 1-2 hours, I’ll always meet your dog first and spend some time saying ‘Hi’ before beginning the shoot; and I’ll only leave when I know I’ve got some awesome photographs that tell your dog’s story .

Do you only work within Solihull?

I work all throughout the UK. Travel costs are included with the shoot price within 20 miles of Solihull. Any further travel will be charged at 45 pence per mile.

My dog is nervous/shy/over enthusiastic/doesn’t like to sit still.

Don’t panic! I’m used to working with dogs with different behaviors and from different backgrounds, we will discuss your individual pooches needs before the shoot. Shy nervous dogs might just need a little extra time to be used to me being around, sometimes they might just need a bit of extra space to feel comfortable, and I will always consider your dogs character when discussing suitable locations for the shoot.

Your dog doesn’t need to have perfect obedience skills to have a professional photo shoot either; as a trained professional photographer I have years of experience, and am able to work quickly to ensure that the shot isn’t missed just because your pooch doesn’t want to sit still for two minutes! The whole photo shoot is focused around your dog having fun and being themselves, I want you to have a lasting memory of their true personality to treasure forever, so I won’t expect your dog to have to do things it’s not used to. There will of course be some direction on the shoot but this is usually for the humans rather than the bow wows.

My dog will need to stay on a lead. Is this a problem?

Not at all, although it’s preferable to find a location where your dog doesn’t have to stay on the lead it isn’t always possible. If this is the case we can use a lead, and I’ll break out my pretty enviable lead removal skills in the post processing stage.

Are you insured?

Hell yes! Indemnity, liability and my equipment are all covered.

What should we bring to the shoot?

Just the same items that you would normally take on a walk. Please do bring your dog’s favorite toys and treats, but it’s best to keep them well hidden until we need them.

What if it’s raining?

I’m equipped and very happy to shoot in all different types of weathers, some of my favorite photographs were took when I was lying on the ground in freezing cold snow. However, super heavy rain sucks, it makes the shoot a whole lot less fun for everyone, so if I feel the weather is too bad, I will call you to re-schedule for whenever is convenient for you.

What happens after the photo shoot?

After backing up and selecting the best photographs from your shoot, I work my BowChickaBowWow Mojo on them and upload them to your own password protected gallery (this usually takes about 2 weeks). From there you can view your images and we can discuss print and wall art options.

Why have you specialised in photographing dogs?

Quite simply because it brings two of my biggest passions in life together, happy dogs and good photography. When I started studying photography at University, my dogs were the obvious subject to practice on. I remember processing a print of my dog Tilly in the university dark room, seeing a close up of her on a black and white print staring back at me with her inquisitive eyes, it was then that I knew that that was what I wanted capture. My lecturer was very supportive and from then on I managed to incorporate a shoot with my dogs into most of my uni coursework. I feel very fortunate to have lots of wonderful photographs of my dogs through various stages of their lives to look back on and remind me of their habits and characters. I want you to have this too.

I have more questions….

Then please get in touch, send me a mail or leave a comment and I’ll get right back to you.