Choosing the best location for your photoshoot.

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is about picking where your dog photoshoot should take place?

The most important thing to consider is, where is your dog going to feel comfortable and confident? A bowchickabowwow photoshoot is all about dogs having fun, and being themselves – we want to capture happy photos to remind your of your dogs true personality forever.

So considering your dogs true personality; are they a poser or are they a mud loving seeker? Do they prefer cuddles on the sofa or a sniffing adventure? Perhaps they are a bit of both so a shoot that starts at home and moves outdoors might be your choice?

Ideally, pick a quiet location away from lots of other dogs and distractions. If you’re dog needs to stay on a lead, that’s ok, with some photoshop trickery and careful lead holding, you’ll never know in the photos. So here are a list of some of my favourite locations which I’ve shot at:

Roo is a pretty cool and fun dog to be with. He has a great personality, he’s so unlike any other dog I’ve met, he amuses himself by scratching his nose whilst rolling on his back, he’s pretty vocal but little blasts every now and then. He has such a strong powerful body you can see he was bred to work. He’s a pretty confident dogs and would be comfortable in most places so we decided we needed to take him somewhere funky, cool, a place that matches his character. We loved these graffiti walls which matches his fun, playful character. the vibrant colours match his vibrant outgoing personality and really make his coat ‘pop’. Dog photoshoot in Birmingham City Centre graffiti photo

Traditional dog areas such as at the dog park or recreation ground, nature reserve the woods, or even a public footpath or back garden can produce great results, especially for adventurers or dogs who need to be somewhere familiar or even stay on the lead. After safety, the most important thing about the location is light! Early morning or evening light in the warmer months is usually the best light to photograph in. It will usually produce soft, glowing portraits like the one of Kwizz below. This was shot in the summer early in the evening, it was just a rough scrap bit of land, but it’s one of my favourite photographs. The gorgeous golden evening light really makes his eyes and the golden grass glow and shine. Of course gorgeous landscapes are going to produce beautiful results, but an experienced photographer can capture great photos in tiny pockets of land, as long as the light is good.

Beautiful Blue Merle border collie in long grass

For dog’s who are more comfortable at home, or posers who like sit on the back of sofa to keep watch all day, there are plenty of options. This is Raymond on the bed (naughty) having cuddles. Again light is crucial, and this room was nice and light and airy so worked really well. It really helps is there is enough room for the dog to feel comfortable in as well. chihuahua being stroked on bedIf you have enough room, we can also bring our portable studio to you, this photo booth shoot was so much fun and produced a really great result with just a small patch of blank wall. It just shows how creative you can be with poses and positions with just a small area available. Photobooth sessions are now available to book, we bring our portable studio and lights to you, with a variety of cool and funky backgrounds to produce some great ‘head shots’ of any would be model dogs. 

I hope that’s given you some ideas of where to pick to have your photoshoot take place.The most important thing is know your dog, know where they are confident and comfortable, so they can fun and relax on their shoot and be safe!


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