Fundraising for the Dogs Trust – Part two.


About a month after running the Great North Run for the Dogs Trust, I received an  email asking me if I’d be interested in bidding for a place at the London marathon 2017. I guess there’s not many runners out there who could refuse such a proposition. So I did. And rather coincidentally, whilst visiting London for the day, I checked my email inbox and found to my surprise, horror and delight that I’d got a place to run next year! I shall be running the marathon to raise money for the Dogs Trust again, it really is an amazing charity and one I really believe in.

Although I was pleased and really grateful for the donations I received for running the GNR, I know I can do a lot more to support such a worthy charity. So, here is the link to my just giving page if you would like to support me running the London marathon 2017 for the Dogs Trust if you’d like to sponsor me please hit the link. I will be doing some fundraising events in the very near future, which involves me getting my camera out. Like the Facebook page to keep up to date with some discounted photoshoots I’ll be offering in the area to help raise money towards my £2000 target. I’ll also post the occasional link to let you know how the training is going. If you’re running your first marathon soon or want to buy a Christmas gift for the runner in your life, I can highly recommend the following books for motivation and training support:

Run Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley

Get running by Matt Roberts

Two Hours by Ed Caesar

Complete running and marathon book


Kate x

Ps: Thank you to my lovely hubbie for buying me my first running photograph (above). It’s the last 100 meters of the Birmingham Half marathon in October this year. I look pretty strong but I was pretty darn tired. Just a few months away I’ll be running twice the distance…..What have I let myself in for?

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